Create webhook

Creates a webhook between MediaSilo and another app

This call creates a new webhook so that an event in MediaSilo will trigger an action in another app. You can specify the trigger event in MediaSilo by using the eventBinding body parameter. For a list of available triggers and a step-by-step guide to creating a webhook, please see Creating a Custom Webhook.

In the example below, the request creates a webhook that sends a Slack message to a person or channel whenever a specified event occurs in MediaSilo. To learn more about this type of request, please see Sending Events to Slack.

"body": "New asset was uploaded to []",
"eventBinding": "asset.create",
"filter": {},
"transport": "slack",
"transportProperties": {
"endpoint": ""

A 200 code is returned when the webhook is successfully created. The response contains the id of the new webhook.

For more information about a webhook’s properties, please see Get all webhooks.

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