Create distribution list

Creates a new distribution list

When you create a new distribution list, you must provide a name, accessType, and recipients as body parameters. The accessType parameter determines the list’s “sharing” setting; the three sharing options are:

  • Private (the list is only accessible to the list creator)
  • Account (the list can be used by any workspace user)
  • User_List (the list can be used by select workspace users only). If you select User_List, then you must specify those workspace users by using the authorizedUserIds parameter.

Here is an example request:

	"name": "My Distribution List",
	"accessType": "user_list",
	"recipients": [
		{"email": "[email protected]"},
		{"email": "[email protected]"},
		{"email": "[email protected]"}
	"authorizedUserIds": [

Upon creating a distribution list, a 200 code and the distribution list id are returned.

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