Get quicklink share options

Returns a list of share options available within a project

This call requires projectIds as a body parameter, and it returns the share options available within that project. The three share options are “public,” “password,” and “private.” If a project is not watermarked, then all three share options are returned under allowedAudience. If a project is watermarked to display a viewer’s name, then “private” is the only share option available, since you can only share files from this project with named workspace users.

These share options only indicate what is possible under the current project settings. Share options are still restricted on a user level by the user’s role and permissions. For example, if a user is an internal collaborator with internal-sharing permission only, then the user’s share options are still limited to “private,” even if that project’s share options are “public,” “password,” and “private.”

In addition to allowedAudience, this call returns a series of properties under defaultConfiguration. These are the workspace’s default link settings. Defaults are selected in the Administration section under Settings > Links. Depending on their permissions, users can override these defaults when they create a link.

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