Get path for a quicklink folder

Returns the path to a Review Link’s folder

This call returns the path to a folder that is contained in a Review Link. For example, if a Review Link contains a subfolder named “New York City,” this call returns the path to the subfolder: the array begins with the name of the Review Link (“Famous Cities”), followed by the names of the folders in the Review Link that lead to the subfolder (“North America”, “United States,” “New York”), and ending with the name of the subfolder itself (“New York City”).

If a folder is located at a Review Link’s top level, then the response will only include two names: the name of the Review Link and the name of the folder.

To make this call, two path parameters are required:

  • A Review Link id
  • The id of a folder inside the Review Link

In addition to the name property, the response includes type (“Review_Link” or “Folder”) and the ids of the Review Link and of each folder in the folder path.

A 200 code is returned when a folder matching the folder id is found.

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