Create a Spotlight template

Creates a template for a Spotlight or Presentation

This call creates a template that can be used to make new Spotlights and Presentations.

The following body parameters are required to create a template:

  • name: The name of the template
  • shareWithAccount: This boolean indicates whether the template is accessible to the entire workspace. If the value is false, then the template is only accessible to the template creator and to workspace administrators.
  • isParentTemplate: If the value is true, then the template is a “parent” template that can be reused to create multiple Spotlights and Presentations via the “Create a Spotlight” window or the “Share as Presentation” window in the MediaSilo UI. If the template is also shared with the entire workspace (“shareWithAccount”: true), then other users can use it to create their own Spotlights and Presentations.
  • template: This is an escaped string that details a template’s composition, from the height and background color of each section to the contents, font, text size, and xy position of each text element.

You can also use the description parameter to add an optional description.

A 200 code is returned when a template is successfully created. The response contains the id of the new template.

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