Get metadata

Returns an asset’s metadata

This call requires an asset id as a path parameter, and it returns all metadata for that specific asset. This includes any metadata that was captured automatically when the file was uploaded to MediaSilo, such as bit rate and codec information, and any metadata that was entered manually.

To limit the response to a specific key/value pair, you must include the key as a query parameter. For example, if you only want the value for the key “Editor,” then add ?key=Editor to the end of the request. This will return a single key/value pair, instead of a complete list.

The response also includes the createdBy property for each key/value pair. This provides you with the user id of the person who added the metadata. If the metadata was captured automatically on ingest, then the user id belongs to the uploader. You can find the name and email associated with a user id by using Get User.

The type property in the response refers to metadata that was captured on ingest (“General,” “Image,” “Video,” and “Audio” types) or metadata that was submitted manually (“Custom” type).

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