Get all distribution lists

Returns an array of distribution lists

This call returns the distribution lists accessible to the user whose API credentials are in use. This includes:

  • any list the user has created
  • any list shared with the user by other workspace users
  • any list shared with the entire workspace

If a distribution list has not been shared with the user, then the list is inaccessible to them and therefore not included in the response.

If you are looking for a specific distribution list, add a forward slash followed by the distribution list id to the end of the call. This will return a single distribution list, instead of all distribution lists.

Here is an overview of the properties returned for each distribution list:

id The distribution list id
ownerId The id of the user who created the list
accountId The id of the workspace where the list was created
name The name of the distribution list. A name is required when creating a list.
description The MediaSilo UI does not display distribution-list descriptions at this time, so this value is “null.”
accessType This indicates the list’s “sharing” setting. It is either Private (only accessible to the list creator), Account (can be used by any workspace user), or User_List (can be used by select workspace users only). If User_List is selected, then the authorized users appear under authorizedUserIds (see below).
authorizedUserIds If a list’s access type is User_List, then only select workspace users have been given access to the list. The ids of those users are listed here.
recipients This object provides the email address of each member of the distribution list. If a member is a workspace user, their first and last name are also provided.

If a user does not have access to any distribution lists, then a 200 code and a blank body are returned.

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