Get users in project

Returns an array of users in a project

This call requires a project id as a path parameter, and it returns an array of every user on the project team. Here is an overview of the properties returned for each individual user.

id The user’s unique id
numericId The integer id representing the user
defaultRoleTemplateId The id of the role template that is assigned to this user by default whenever the user is added to a project. Note that a user’s default role template is not necessarily the role template they were assigned on this particular project. See the roles property below to find the user’s role on this project.
userName The user’s email address. Same as email below.
accountId The id of the workspace that this project belongs to
firstName and lastName The user’s first and last name, as they were originally entered. A user has the ability to edit their name. See the shiftProfile object for the user’s most up-to-date name.
shiftProfile This object contains the information listed in the Profile section of MediaSilo, under “Basic User Details.” This includes the user’s name and optional fields for title, company, website, and location.
dateCreated The Unix timestamp of the date and time a user was added to a workspace
email The user’s email address. Same as userName above.
status This property indicates whether a user has been deactivated. An active user’s status is “ACTIVE.” A deactivated user’s status is “LOCKED.” Deactivated users cannot access a workspace until an administrator reactivates them.
type A user’s type is Administrator, User, or Manager. An administrator has full access to all projects in a workspace; a user is assigned to a project, where their permission set is determined by their role; a manager is similar to a user, except that managers have the ability to create new projects.
roles This object contains two “roles”: the user’s type (user, manager, or administrator); and the user’s specific role in this project, such as “Asset Manager” or “Public Collaborator.”
tags Any user tags that have been applied to this user
modules This object indicates if a user has access to Spotlight. If the value of the authorized property is “false,” then the user cannot access the Spotlight page in MediaSilo or create and customize Spotlight templates.
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