Get user

Returns the properties of a specific user

This call requires a user’s id as a path parameter, and it returns an array of that user’s properties. To learn more about user properties, please see the table in Get users.

Note that the roles object in the response contains two different types of “roles.” The first role indicates a user’s type on the workspace level; the three different types are “User,” “Project Manager,” and “Administrator.” The context property indicates the workspace’s id.

The second type of role in the roles object refers to a user’s role on an individual project; this includes roles like “Public Collaborator” and “Uploader” Here, the context property indicates the project id, so you know which role corresponds to which project. For more information on role properties, please see Get role templates.

A 200 code is returned when a user matching the user id is found. Note that this call can be used for both active and inactive users.

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