Get playlist assets for a Spotlight

Returns the assets in a Spotlight or Presentation’s playlist

This call returns the assets contained in a Spotlight or Presentation’s playlist. Two path parameters are required:

  • The id of a Spotlight or Presentation
  • The id of a playlist included in that Spotlight or Presentation

The response includes the properties of each asset contained in the playlist, including the asset’s title and id. For an overview of asset properties, please see the table in Get asset.

A 200 code is returned when one or more playlist assets are found. Note that the assets contained in any playlist folders are not included in the response. The response only contains assets found at the playlist’s top level. If the playlist does not contain any assets at its top level, then a 200 code is returned with an empty response.

If the playlist id does not match a playlist that is included in the Spotlight or Presentation, then a 401 code is returned with the message “Playlist does not exist in presentation.”

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