Get versions

Returns all versions of a specific asset

This call requires the asset id of a versioned asset as a path parameter. It returns a 200 code and an array of the asset’s versions. If you enter the id of a non-versioned asset, then a 404 code (Not Found) is returned.

The response provides details about the current (“active”) version first, followed by each previous version. Here is an overview of the properties returned for each version:

versionId The name of the version. A version is named by the user who creates it.
assetId The unique 32-character asset id
dateCreated The Unix timestamp of the date and time the version was created. This date can be different from the date the asset itself was created. For example, if an asset is uploaded on Monday and it becomes version 2 on Tuesday, then dateCreated corresponds to Tuesday.
status The status is “ACTIVE” for the current version and “INACTIVE” for previous versions.
asset The asset object provides details on each asset, including the name of the uploader, the file size, the id of the corresponding project, and more. For an overview of asset properties, please see Get asset.
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