Add a role to the user

Updates a user’s type

This call changes a user’s type to user, manager, or administrator. While an administrator can access all projects and workspace settings, a user and a manager can only access the projects to which they are assigned. The key difference between a manager and a user is that a manager has the ability to create new projects. A manager automatically becomes the project owner of any project they create. A user does not have the ability to create new projects.

Two path parameters are required to change a user’s type to user, manager, or administrator:

  • The id of the user whose type you want to change. See Get users for an array of users in your workspace, including each user’s id.
  • The id of the user, manager, or administrator role. To find a user’s current role, see the roles object returned by the Get user call.

A 204 code is returned when a user’s type is successfully updated.

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