Clone a project

Creates a clone of a project

This call clones an existing project, so you can quickly recreate a project’s folder structure and team. Note that cloning a project does not copy assets from the original project to the clone.

This call requires two parameters:

  • The project id of the project you want to clone, as a path parameter
  • A name for the new clone, using the name body parameter

The clone will have the same folder structure as the original. To add the same team as the original project, use the cloneUsers body parameter, and set the boolean to true. Now, the cloned project will have the same team in the same roles as the original project.

By default, a clone is not watermarked. To apply the original project’s watermark settings to the clone, use the cloneWatermark body parameter, and set the boolean to true.

By default, a clone will have the same description as the original project. To change the clone’s description, use the description body parameter, and enter a string for the description.

Here is an example request:

"name": "On-Air Promos 2023",
"cloneUsers": true,
"cloneWatermark": true,
"description": "We are cloning our 2022 project to use the same folder 
structure, users, and watermark settings in 2023."

A 200 code is returned when you successfully clone a project. The response includes the project id of the new clone.

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