Update role templates for user

Updates a user’s role template for a specific project

This call changes the role template that is assigned to a user on a specific project. Three parameters are required:

  • The user’s id as a path parameter. See Get users for an array of users in your workspace, including each user’s id.
  • A project id as a body parameter. See Get all projects for an array of projects in your workspace, including each project’s id.
  • A role template id as a body parameter. This id should belong to the new role template that you want to replace the user’s old role template. See Get role templates for an array of role templates in your workspace, including each role template’s id.

Here is an example of a request body:

          "projectId": "12345678-1234-1234-1234-555555555555",
          "roleTemplateId": "111111111111111111111111"

The user’s previous role template is replaced by the role template you selected. If the user was not assigned to the project to begin with, then the user will be added to the project.

A 204 code is returned when a user’s role template on a project is successfully updated.

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