Create a user

Adds a new user to your workspace

This call requires a new user’s email address using the email body parameter, so the email can be added to your workspace. You must also use the defaultRoleTemplateId body parameter to set the user’s default role whenever they are added to a project. For an array of role templates available in your workspace, please see Get role templates.

Below is an example request body. Note the optional tags parameter, which will apply two tags to this user.

"email": "[email protected]",
"defaultRoleTemplateId": "111111111111111111111111",
"tags": [

A 200 code is returned when a user is added to your workspace; the response contains the new user’s id. If the email you entered has already been added to your workspace, then a 400 code is returned with the message “Another user on this account already has that email.”

To assign a user to a project, please see Create role templates for user.

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