Assign new role to user in project

Updates a user’s role in a project, or assigns a user to a project

This call updates a user’s role in a specific project. Three path parameters are required:

  • The project id of the project to which the user belongs
  • The user id of the user whose role you want to change
  • The role template id of the role template you want to assign to the user. For a list of role templates available in your workspace, please see Get role templates.

The endpoint also accepts the query parameter notify=true. This will send an email to the user whose role you are updating to inform them their role in a given project has been updated.

Keep in mind that a user can have different roles on different projects. This call only updates a user’s role in the project whose project id you provide. The user’s role in other projects will remain unchanged.

You can enter the id of a user who is not assigned to the project yet, and this call will add them to the project.

A 204 code is returned when an existing workspace user is added to a project or when a user’s role on a project is successfully updated.

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