Copy asset to project

Copies an asset to a specific project

This call requires two path parameters:

  • The id of the project where you want the new copy to live. This can be the same project as the original asset or a different project.
  • The id of the asset you want to copy.

A 200 code is returned when an asset is successfully copied to a project. The response provides the new copy’s asset id.

By default, the copy does not include any of the tags or metadata of the original asset. To copy an asset’s tags and metadata, use the body parameters includeTags and includeMetadata, and set each boolean to true. For example:

	"includeTags": true,
	"includeMetadata": true

Copies are added to a project’s top level. If you need to copy an asset to a specific folder, please see Copy asset to a folder.

Note that copying a versioned asset only copies the active version. The asset’s previous versions are not copied.

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