Get folders for synclink

Returns a list of folders in a link

This call requires a link id as a path parameter, and it returns the folders contained in the link. If a 200 code and a blank response are returned, then the link may contain assets but no folders. For each folder, the following properties are returned.

id The unique 32-character folder id
name The name of the folder as it appears in Projects
parentId If the folder is nested inside another folder (the “parent folder”), this is the id of the parent folder. If the parentId is blank, then the folder lives at the top level of the project’s folder structure.
projectId The id of the project in which the folder lives
folderCount The number of subfolders inside the folder. This count only includes subfolders at the top level. Any subfolders inside the subfolders are not counted.

Note that assetsCount and size are also returned; however, these values are “0” because MediaSilo does not calculate them at this time.

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