Get assets

Returns a list of assets

This call returns a list of assets in your workspace. You can use path parameters, like pageSize and sortBy, to refine the list. For example, the following call will return a list of the ten newest assets in your workspace, starting with the most recently uploaded file

To sort from oldest to newest, use _sort=asc instead of _sort=desc. In addition to pageSize, which indicates the number of items per page, you can specify the exact page by using page. For example, by adding _page2 to the above request, you will get new assets 11 to 20, instead of new assets 1 to 10.

A series of properties is returned for each asset in the list. These include the asset id; the asset title; the name of the file that was uploaded to MediaSilo; the name and email of the uploader; CloudFront URLs for the source and proxy files; and lists of all the file’s metadata and tags.

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