Create comment for asset

Creates a comment

This call creates a comment on an asset in a Review Link. Two path parameters are required:

  • A Review Link id
  • The id of the asset you want to comment on

Add your comment using the body body parameter. To add your comment at a specific timecode, use the startTimeCode parameter, and enter a timecode in milliseconds. For example, a value of 52000 will add your comment 52 seconds into a video.

Here is an example request:

"body": "The music in this scene is great, but it needs more cowbell.",
"startTimeCode": 52000

If you do not use startTimeCode, then the comment is added as a general comment that does not correspond to a specific timecode. This has the same effect as unchecking the “Add timecode to comment” checkbox in the Review Link UI.

A 200 code is returned when a comment is successfully created. The response body contains the id of the new comment.

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