Get all webhooks

Returns the webhooks used in your workspace

This call returns an array of the webhooks used in your workspace. The following properties are returned for each webhook:

id The id of the webhook
accountId The id of the workspace where the webhook is in use
eventBinding The event in MediaSilo that triggers an action in another app; for example: asset.create (when an asset is uploaded) and project.update (when a project’s settings are updated). For a list of available events, please see Creating a Custom Webhook.
transport The protocol for sending messages to another app
transportProperties This object contains the HTTP endpoint to which MediaSilo sends a message.
filter A filter can limit the scope of a webhook to a specific project. This is an optional field when creating a webhook. To learn more, please see Creating project webhooks.
body The text displayed if the resulting action includes an automated message
createdBy The id of the user who created the webhook
created The Unix timestamp of the date and time the webhook was created

A 200 code is returned when webhooks are found. If there are no webhooks in your workspace, then a 200 is returned with an empty response body.

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