Invite user to project

Invites a new or existing user to a project

This call invites a user to a project. The user will receive an email that contains a “Join Project” button. When an existing user clicks “Join Project,” the user is directed to a MediaSilo login page, so they can log in and access the project. If the email recipient is new to MediaSilo, then the “Join Project” button allows them to self-provision an account by verifying their email address and entering their name. Once the user enters their name, they can access the project.

Three parameters are required to make this call:

  • The project id of the project you want the user to join, as a path parameter
  • The email address of the new or existing user, using the recipientEmail body parameter
  • The id of the role template you want to assign the user, using the roleTemplateId body parameter. For a list of role templates available in your workspace, please see Get role templates.

Here is the body of an example request:

     "recipientEmail": "[email protected]",
     "roleTemplateId": "111111111111111111111111"

A 200 code is returned when a user is successfully invited to a project. For an overview of the user properties contained in the response, please see the table in Get users in project.

Note that only project owners and administrators can invite users (new or existing) to a project.

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