Get assets

Returns the assets inside a folder’s top level

This call requires a folder id as a path parameter, and it returns an array of assets contained in the folder’s top level.

The response does not include subfolders or the assets contained inside subfolders. If you enter the id of a folder without any assets at its top level, then the call returns a 404 with the message “No assets match your query.” A folder may contain subfolders with thousands of assets, but a 404 is still returned if there are no assets at the top level.

Here is an overview of the properties returned for each asset:

id The 32-character asset id
title The asset title. By default, the title is the name of the file uploaded to MediaSilo.
description An asset description is optional.
fileName The name of the file uploaded to MediaSilo
projectId The id of the project in which the asset is located
folderId The id of the folder in which the asset is located. This will match the folder id in the path parameter.
uploadedBy Along with uploadedByFirstName and uploadedByLastName, this property provides the email and name of the person who uploaded the file.
type The file type can be archive, audio, document, image, or video.
dateCreated The Unix timestamp of the date and time the asset was uploaded to MediaSilo
dateModified The Unix timestamp of the date and time the asset was last modified
progress The asset’s encoding progress. When progress is 100, encoding is complete, and the file is ready to use.
duration The asset’s duration in milliseconds
posterFrame A link to the asset’s thumbnail image, or “poster frame”
derivatives This object provides information about the derivatives that are automatically created when you upload a file to MediaSilo. For example, when you upload an HD file, a lower-resolution proxy is generated. Some properties, such as duration, are consistent among the derivatives. Others, such as file size and dimensions, will vary.
tags Any tags that have been applied to the asset
watermarked This indicates whether the file is currently watermarked because it lives inside a watermarked project.
versions The number of additional versions. If a file is not versioned, it returns a value of 0.
fileSize The size of the file in KBs
ownerId The id of the user who uploaded the file. You can use Get User to return the user’s name and email.
assetMetadata A complete listing of the asset’s metadata. This includes any Custom metadata that was added by users and any metadata that was captured automatically on ingest.
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